Century BOB and Century BOB xl comparison (my review)

SO whats so  special about bob century punching bag??…century bob xl review

  • The Century Body Opponent Bag, made by Century is a freestanding heavy bag that comes in regular and XL version.
  • The realistic body frame makes the century BOB stand out from other punching bags. Simply put, BOBs are a more accurate simulation of striking a real person than any other heavy bags on the market.
  • They offer more realistic target practice than any other product, allowing you to practice striking the head, ribs, and abs.
  • New school training equipment . Unlike traditional heavy bags, these punching bags are shaped as human torso and head to give the most realistic  feel you can get to a punching bag.
  • Long lasting heavy bag, bob is one tough guy and is known  to take a punch.

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why Century bob is different from other heavy bags……

  • century bob’s surface is made out of high-strength plastisol and it is stuffed with high-century bob punching bagdensity urethane foam. This makes the BOB a more accurate representation of a person.
  • BOB’s body is much tougher than its head, BOB’s surface skin  is also  rougher than some other normal heavy bags, so unwrapped hands may result in the striker leaving some skin behind. We recommend that you use gloves while hitting the BOB punching bag.

    Easy to move around and is sturdy enough, also  good for power shots

  • Although the century bob  may rotate on the spot. The  base is rounded, making it easy to roll and store when not in use.
  • The BOB punching bag itself is fairly stable and doesn’t move around  much when hit.

    Century BOB Punching Bag

century bob punching bag reviewThe bob punching bag stands between 60 and 78 inches tall and has 7 adjustable heights. Like other free standing heavy-bags.

  • The century bob  weighs in at approximately 270 pounds with a full base, which can be filled with sand or water.

Century BOB XL Punching Bag

  • The XL BOB  is a larger version of the original BOB punching bag. The XL BOB still has the same muscular build as the original BOB, however, the torso has been extended lower to include thighs.
  • one of the the largest body punching bags on the market. The bag has two height adjustments that range from 5’6 to 6 feet tall. The bag weighs approximately 270 pounds when the base is full.
  • The only improvent  on the xl bob is the stability  and the length great for martial artist trying to improve there kicking.

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  1. QuestionHello can you fill the base with water or sand to make it heavier ?  thank you           Answer –  Yes, you HAVE to fill it with one or the other. Sand is going to be heavier. If you buy the bags at Home Depot or somewhere, have them sit out in the sun for a day to dry out
  2. Question- Any warranty on this item?                                                                                                      Answer –I’m sure amazon would take care of any issues. Bob is built like a tank, I strike as hard as I can and I’m 6ft1″ 200lbs with years of martial art training, he absorbs it all and is none the worse for wear. 

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“Bob is one tough S.O.B! I received BOB roughly a month ago. It is a lot of money clearly for what it is, but if you’re as passionate about punching inanimate objects as I am you won’t be disappointed! Punching his skin barehanded can be dangerous if you punch extremely hard, If I just use him for target practice my hand feels secure. I recommend buying some hand wraps if you’re going to punch him. the material he is made of is fun to punch though, it feels a lot like skin! Kicking BOB is also fun! I filled him with Water, and he sways a little bit when you land a powerful blow, so if you’re looking for the most effective measure to fill him I’d use sand. that being said, water is going to be a LOT easier to get out of him if you ever have to move him up or down stairs

I don’t regret my purchase, and I doubt you will either!”


“I think I ordered this on Monday or Tuesday and it arrived yesterday (Friday). Now that’s fast shipping. Came in two big boxes and well packaged. Took a while to toss water in the base but afterwards it was simple to move to wherever I wanted it and plop bob on there and adjust his height depending on if I’m using it or one of the kids are having quick little fight before getting bored with him. I put an old hoody underneath base so doesn’t make much noise when rocking with full impact combo punches and also doesn’t move as much across the tile like flooring. Brilliant item though and love the fact he can be few inches taller than me. I’m 6ft 2. I’ve tore into him all day and night for little periods just messing around and it is a lot of fun along with giving you an enjoyable workout.”